We were so lucky to have found Nikki just as she was moving to our area. We had tried our then 1 and a half year old at two different nurseries, but were not happy with the way our son was being treated and the effect it was having on him. As soon as we moved him to Nikki, the change in him was immediate! Nikki and Anton have been instrumental in bringing the best out in our little boy. He is now about to turn 4 years old (but misses out on school this year, due to his birthday) and if he did not need to start mixing with children his own age, we would still have him with Nikki. If we can, we will get our next little man who has just turned 1 in with Nikki as well. Just waiting for a space. We can't recommend Nikki and Anton enough!
October 2023

Excellent all round service couldn't ask for more.
Great setting, communication is amazing and nothing is too much to ask. Would not want my son to be anywhere else. Could not ask for anymore from Nikki Poppins! 
May 2022

Simply The Best!

Nikki was the first childminder to our one year old daughter, and she set the bar so high that we knew it would be difficult to find someone who will look after our child the same way. Nikki is soft, she is the warmest person you will come across, she looks after children with passion and tender care. Our daughter always came home happy, and learned lots of new skills. During our daughters time with Nikki, I was pregnant with our second baby. When I went to labour our daughter was at Nikki’s and on a way to the hospital, we informed Nikki about the situation she offered to look after our daughter until late, or even for her to stay overnight. We were overwhelmed by her kindness and help. To summarise, your child is there for a treat if you get a chance for a place at her setting. We miss Nikki when she moved the area, and we still do! 

November 2021


If you get a space for your baby with Nikki you very lucky.
For every mom leaving your baby with someone for the first time can be a bit of an emotional journey, Nikki made it comfortable, easy , secure and be rest assured your baby is in good hands.
Good communication on how your baby is doing at any time of the day also you get full download of the day plus daily adventures/ routine and fun they had as well as brilliant food menu's.
My baby loved going to Nikki and Anton and sadly had to see them leave,
Great setup for kids with enough toys and space. Anyone getting a spot with Nikki and Co ..count yourself as lucky .
October 2021

Very lucky to have found Nikki and Anton

My daughter has been with Nikki since she was 18 months old and is only leaving due to her starting school in September.
The days are quite structured, with quiet time factored in, and the children go out of walks and to local play groups which they all seem to enjoy - it's worth noting that the activities that they do with Nikki and Anton are done in such a way that all of the children regardless of age enjoy and benefit in different ways. They spend a lot of time outdoors looking at the wildlife, trees and plants - and in the rain donning puddlesuits and wellies to splash in the puddles!
I was apprehensive when my daughter got to age 3 that I should look at pre schools in addition to Nikkis, however upon looking into EYFS, the things I was worried she may miss out on (writing ect), were things she was already excelling at with Nikki!
Nikki has been unbelievably supportive throughout our time with her, helping us navigate things like potty training, helping us understand the childcare government schemes and adapting her hours when I started going to college myself. She has always gone above and beyond for us and we're incredibly lucky to have found such a hands on childminder. Apart from being our childminder, Nikki is actively involved within the local community, looking out for other locals and the animals of the area - the stray cats of Bromley will miss Nikki when she moves!
My daughter can be a fussy eater however she always eats the meals Anton makes, and tells us all about them when she comes home!
Everyday Nikki sends me photos and an itinerary of what they've been up to.
We are saddened to be leaving Nikki and Anton after such a long time but are so happy that we had such lovely childminders and seeing how much they helped our daughter to grow
August 2021

Wish every family would find their "Nikki's"

When I was searching for childcare for my elder one, I couldn't be more anxious to get it right. I visited dozens of nurseries and childminders and the search stopped when I met Nikki and Anton. My first impression is, they are down to earth, confident and caring. I felt at ease immediately to leave my little one in their care.
And I was right to trust my instinct: Nikki and Anton almost became family to my two little girls who were just so happy to go to Nikki's everyday. As my older one turned 3, she started to give me her accounts of their daily activities at Nikki's and from what I gathered, they are actively engaged with wood walks, games, arts/crafts. In summer days they would have a splash in the paddling pool and winter days, sledging down a snowy "slope"! They visited farms, museums and fire stations. She told me that when I grew little, I could also go to Nikki's! I started to really think of that as a possibility.
I also hear her little stories of other children and noticed how well guided they were when interacting with each other. Despite having 5-6 children under her care on a given day, I always felt that Nikki gave plenty of attention to my little ones, tracking their development physically, mentally and emotionally. As a parent, my communication with Nikki was always pleasant, timely and effective. She would go the extra mile to look after mine when they had itches, needed cream to be applied, when they had potty training hiccups etc. On top of that, Anton made the best meals for the kids that during the lockdown, the kids wanted Anton's curry and all families ended up with a round of delivery from Anton's kitchen!
A special mention to Anton too as he not only made wonderful food for the kids, but was also actively involved in playing with the children. My elder one would found Anton's jokes too funny not to share. He provided such a wonderful male figure in childcare and I found the girls very lucky to have had that experience in their early years.
All in all, we couldn't recommend more of Nikki's childcare. She certainly sets a standard in what she does and takes great pride in it. We wish all families would find their "Nikki's" to go to
July 2021

You couldn't ask for better for your child We've had the pleasure of knowing Nikki for a year, shortly after we moved to the area. My 2.5 year old daughter has come on leaps and bounds since starting with Nikki, having already attended 2 nurseries. It doesn't surprise me that she is rated Outstanding because from our first visit my daughter settled right in and had a blast. Every day is a mix of activities, themes, physical play, crafts, quality meals and snacks, rest and outings that have stimulated my toddler's vocabulary and abilities no end. I love getting daily updates and regular reports knowing she's having a fun, educational time. She clearly adores Nikki and it's so reassuring to see what a trusting relationship they have. Nikki is so warm and easygoing, she's so easy to communicate with. During potty training she was really supportive which made such a difference. I've always felt so comfortable sending my child there and would recommend her to anyone July 2021

Best childminder ever!

Words can't express the way I feel about Nikki's childminding service, she has become like family to me. My little boy started as an anxious clingy little 1 hear old and is now leaving as a confident happy sociable little boy ready for school.
I was so nervous about leaving my son and Nikki was incredible. She showed him so much love and care from day 1, taking him out in the buggy for naps to help him to sleep and really getting to know his little character. He has always been a sensitive little boy and she did an incredible job of nurturing him and building up his confidence bit by bit.
There has never been a day where I have dropped my son off where Nikki hasn't been smiling and welcoming. She has two lovely children of her own and works with her husband Anton who is a qualified chef and cooks delicious food. He is amazing with the kids and they adore him.
Not only is the setting exceptionally caring and nurturing but the level of creativity shown in the activities the children do is second to none. They are always learning new things, making new things, painting, colouring, lots of arts and craft.
They are regularly out on trips to the park, the woods, museums, fire station, the ducks, toddler group etc.
Every day is meticulously planned out for the children to enjoy, and there is always plenty of time for independant fun free play which is of course the most important thing for little ones.
Honestly if you're trying to decide whether to use Nikki for your childminder, don't hesitate for a second.
You will be endlessly surprised at the level of thought and care that goes into looking after your child. The only downside is how sad you will feel when it's time for your child to leave!
August 2020

"Happy as can be!"

I do not have words that can describe my relief to know how safe and happy my children are with Nikki and Anton. I can honestly say that my children have had a better life for being able to stay at their home. Enriched and loved and taught how to be kind build friendships, build confidence and have carefree fun. Where else do you get to cook, plant seeds, hatch butterflies, climb log obstacle courses cut from reclaimed wood you have brought back from your walk down the woods with a dog and a football after having painted your favourite firework and played imaginary marshmallows and bonfires, sung songs in a circle, cuddled up with books, played dress up with friends after a snack in the cafe followed by a bouncy castle bounce. I don’t think a more genuinely nurturing and holistic home from home can he found. Nikki is the most empathetic and generous person you’ll find. Her knowledge and experience make her work look effortless when it’s anything but. I am so grateful to her for her courage to ask me to seek health assessment which has lead to my eldest receiving invaluable input. I am so grateful to her in so many ways. Child and parent are cared for equally. I could not recommend Nikki and Anton more highly. My expectations are only ever exceeded and my confidence increased. I could not be happier. Nor could my children be. My experience is 3 years of excellence which continues. Thank you both.

November 2019

Highly Recommended!
I would highly recommend Nikki’s childminding services. The thought of leaving my first-born child in the hands of a “stranger” after my maternity leave was a very daunting and stressful experience but I couldn’t be luckier and happier to have found Nikki’s Childminding services. Nikki cared for our little boy since he was a year old for almost two years and he would have stayed for longer if it weren’t for the arrival of his sibling. In fact, we quickly realised how superior Nikki’s services are compared to some of top rated nurseries in the area after a few visits for a pre-school place. Nikki and her husband Anton provide a welcoming, clean and secure environment for the children and our son quickly made their setting an extension of his own home. He quickly established himself and made very good friends including the family pet dog Oscar. Nikki is a genuinely warm and caring person, who is very passionate about her job. She is always cheerful, ready to engage the kids in creative art, dramatic play and other fun and age appropriate activities. She took the kids on outings, to the local toddlers club and frequent walks. All the children in her care looked happy, well behaved, engaged in activities and played well together. Nikki is incredibly organised in all areas of her work. We have the highest confidence in her trustworthiness and professionalism. Meanwhile her husband Anton, as well as supporting Nikki, prepares delicious, freshly cooked meals for the children and provides the authority figure.Our little boy transformed into a lovely, confident and sociable young boy. We owe it to Nikki and Anton who played a big part in our son’s development. We highly recommend their services without reservations.

August 2018

Simply the best! Highly recommend.

My daughter has been in Nikki's care since she was 8 months old (now 14 months) and I have nothing but praise, admiration and gratitude for her. Handing over my little one to return to work was a real wrench at first, but her settle in has been very quick thanks to Nikki that made the process very easy and reassuring. Nikki's just a wonderful person. She's always positive, happy, smiling, patient and her positive energy is contagious. She's always been very professional and has always taken the time to listen, understand and help, going above and beyond to meet our family needs. My daughter has always loved her, from the first morning she attended Nikki's care. She's learnt so much especially considering we're talking just Italian at home. Now my daughter understands clearly English and she's starting talking few English words on top of Italian's ones. Her confidence and independence have developed a lot and Nikki's been a great help with my daughter's stranger anxiety too. Nikki's house is very clean, safe and organized, with two big gardens set up with lots of toys for the kids. She offers the kids a lot of different activities everyday. It is in walking distance of Downham Library and some other children centers and parks/woods where they often go. It’s such a kind, warmth, fun and loving environment but with a mindfulness concerning key elements such as manners, sharing and being kind to others. Both my daughter and I feel it is a home away from home.  A diary note for each child is written daily to give us a snap shot of the activities they have been up to, what they have eaten, meals and naps time and how many nappies they have gone through (and we get an update when collecting at the end of the day too). Nikki is very organized and manages a routine with the children according to their age/interests/needs. She also maintains a separate folder with records for each child which includes individual development records, photos, emergency contacts, medical information, etc. She sends me pictures of my daughter once a week too and it's wonderful seeing how happy my daughter is when she is with Nikki and her little friends.  Healthy and freshly varied snacks and lunches are provided thanks to Nikki's husband Anton. He's also helping Nikki with the kids and from the pictures Nikki's sending me I can tell my daughter is really attached to him too. Nikki's got a dog and a cat: Oscar and Oliver. Kids just love them! I've never seen a such well behaved, obedient and clean dog. My daughter keeps calling him every time we walk down the woods and every time she sees him, she blows him kisses! Nikki and Anton have given my daughter everything I would look for in a childminder: plenty of opportunities to play with children of varying ages, a lot of different activities like painting, reading books, both girls and boys games and toys, messy activities, trips in the neighborhood,... , routine, and most importantly lots of fun! Overall, I am more than happy with my daughter being with Nikki and Anton, I would recommend them to anyone.
July 2018

"Excellent & wholesome care"
I would highly recommend Nikki to other parents looking for someone who is child-centered, professional and has excellent childminding skills. My little one was introduced to Nikki from around the age of 4.5 months. Nikki made the transition of care very easy. My girl took to her and her family immediately. My little one loves it at Nikki's and I think she thinks that's her second home. Nikki engages her in various age appropriate activities and keeps parent informed of the child's development. My little girl is very alert, interactive, loves to dance and very confident in her interaction with others. This is a testament to to Nikki's care and the loving environment which she provides for the children. Nikki is very attentive to my girl's needs and has been a great support to myself in terms of advice and recommendations.  Nikki provides quality care at home in a friendly and homely atmosphere. In addition, Anton her husband is a chef and provides wholesome and lovely dishes for the kids. Overall Nikki's childminding services are excellent & 1st class!!! Do not hesitate to contact her if you are in need of childminding services.

February 2017

"I could not ask for more"

I think it would be very hard to find the warmth, kindness, patience and fun that greets you at Nikki and Anton's house. All the children seem so confident, secure, cared for and happy and my little boy is settling so quickly. The children have a home from home. The food smells amazing. Lovely to have seen how squabbles were resolved by both children being treated with kindness and affection. Nikki and Anton work so well together and both offer unique benefits for all the children. The activities are so varied and creative too and there is also lots of fun and play too, indoors, outdoors in the garden, in the woods and on lots of trips. What is also so exceptional is the flexibility offered to the children. They can take part in as much as they can manage but are able to rest at home if they need to whilst others are on trips out or are able to nap at different times or for longer as needed. I have seen that the routine creates a really calm secure environment but also affords quiet time for extra support to be offered to new children etc. Attention to needs of parents is also amazing. So organised, attentive and Nikki's empathy is exceptional. My post will not have done justice but I could not have been more impressed and happy so far. 

December 2016