Service and Fees

We are open Mon-Thr 08.00-18.00

Fees are payable in advance weekly or monthly
I offer a 38-week Term time only contract subject to availability, or a full time 52-week contract. We offer a homebased childcare setting so your child will only ever be in a small group max of 6 children altogether, all in the early years age.

£55.00 per day
£5.00 per day before 8am 
£30.00 morning session 8am-1pm
£30.00 afternoon session 1pm-6pm

Fees include  healthy meals and snacks. I ask parents to please provide a bag for your child containing nappies, wipes, a change of clothes, creams or medicines needed.

Check if you can claim any help towards your childcare costs at I am registered to accept the government tax free childcare as well as funded hours.

Funding Offer:
The EYEE funded 15hrs for eligible 9mths/2yr/3 and 4yr olds can be claimed over the 38 weeks in 5hr morning  sessions or 3 whole days for the extended 30hrs. A full day will incur a £3.00 per day service and consumables charge. Extra days or sessions will be payable as per my current non funded fees above and all funded places are subject to availability. If your child attends for a 52 week contract 14 non funded weeks are payable at the full weekly fee.

Service Operation

  • Contracts will be signed by both parties and are legally binding. First 4 weeks settling in no notice period required. Then 4 weeks’ notice or fees due as per contract.
  • Payment of fees always payable in advance either weekly or on the 1st of the month, I reserve the right to refuse care and terminate contract if fees are continuously paid late. I will pursue unpaid fees through my insurance legal team if necessary.
  • Full fees due if child is sick or on holiday on contracted days. We are closed bank holidays, contracted days are fully payable including bank holidays at our normal daily fee.
  • The childcare setting will close for 4 weeks holiday during the year, during school holiday time therefore not affecting the 38week contracts. Parents will be notified at the start of each year the holiday dates. Normal fees are due for all contracted childminder’s holidays if a 52 week contract for the contracted days is in place. If childminder needs extra days other than the agreed 4 weeks or is sick and the setting is closed then fees are not due, they will be refunded or held over in credit. Funded days or sessions will be offered on an alternate day.
  • If you are late collecting your child then I reserve the right to charge £7.00 per every 15mins, if no contact from parent, then I will contact emergency contacts and follow my uncollected child procedure which may include contacting social services
  • My assistant is fully registered and allowed to care for children up to 2 hours without me which also includes emergency cover. All my family hold a DBS/Relevant Police Checks.  
  • I have full GDPR confidentiality and privacy policy including a retention policy detailing how long I keep certain information.

Daily photo share

I obtain permission from parents to take photographs for their child's EYFS development folders and also for sending to parents daily. For each child I set up a WhatsApp group for me and their parents, this is a lovely way to see your child's day of activities and fun with their friends, we can share information, medical forms etc. and I'm happy to converse with you during the day when I can.  I am happy to have an out of service contact on your WhatsApp group, I pride myself on always being contactable, approachable and supportive to my families. I have strict policies and a permission form in our contracts to cover all areas for safeguarding.

Nikki’s Childcare Setting Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are written to protect us all and to be clear about how we will work together and how the setting operates. They cover every area of my childcare business and I ask you to please take the time to read these and feel free to ask any questions, you will be asked to sign our contract in agreement of these policies:


  • As an Ofsted Registered childminder working with an assistant, I am registered to care for: 12 children under 8 years old (6 of these can be in the early years group and of these not more than 2 babies under 1 year old). Variations to the ratios can be made in some circumstances for example siblings or to enable continuation of care.
  • Every child will have equal access to my available services, Special educational needs will be discussed and subject to my provision. See also my SEND policy and Equal opportunities policy.
  • I promise to work closely with parents, always act in the best interests of the child and be as supportive as I can. I will share your child’s day via WhatsApp messages, photos, a daily diary if needed and development file. If necessary, I will work with other professional’s, permission will be required if appropriate. See also GDPR, SEND and Safeguarding policies.
  • Our House rules: We care, we take turns and share, we are polite, we are kind and gentle, we are learning to listen, we practice our table manners and we respect others property.
  • I have a full complaints procedure.

Health and Safety

  • I have a separate full sickness and exclusion policy.
  • I have a separate Coronavirus policy.
  • Medicines can be administered if prescribed/or in emergency situation and if relevant forms are in place and signed before and after administered. If a child needs Calpol or similar to get through the day then they are too sick to attend, see also sickness and exclusion policy.
  • Accidents will be documented, parents sign, including pre-existing injuries.
  • The environment where children eat, play or sleep is clean and safe, children are supervised and kept safe at the setting and on outings.
  • Healthy eating and oral health are promoted, please see our healthy eating and oral health policy.
  • If a child has a known allergy the appropriate food or ingredient will be avoided, an Epipen permission form will be signed, if necessary and training updated
  • Pets at the setting are kept healthy, parasite free and supervised around children.
  • No smoking or vaping is allowed.
  • I have a full fire procedure for the setting and emergency plan.
  • Parents will provide me with up-to-date contacts 


  • I have a full safeguarding policy.
  • I have a separate behaviour management policy.
  • I do not permit any form of bullying in my home. All children will be taught to be kind, respectful, to feel valued and to value others.
  • We promote British values:
  • Democracy, Rule of Law, Teaching Mutual Respect and Tolerance, Individual Liberty
  • I have a full uncollected child policy